Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Appears I am hypomanic - eager to talk, creative, rushing of thoughts, grandiosity/ego, inability to connect with others.

Prone to day dreaming and not being able to self actualise, but rather focusing on either what is negative or that which is ideal...this in a cycle of ups and downs.

Inability to concentrate on other's conversations, instructions etc. Taking out personal tasks or refusing to do them. Deprioritising tasks. Inability to see the task and the quality required to polish it off, Lack of attention to detail, bullwhitting himself on that which is complete/satisfactory. No memory for details, and a lack of focus on the quality which should drive the detailed ways of doing tasks to completion- previously very poor to complete things, learnt he had to

also tinged with hypermania- completely loosing the plot over small issues, or bottling it up and taking it out on those at home!

Pessimism, but intense insight and 'reading' of other people and potential negative situations to a major skill! 9/10 correct on my so called paranoia. Sometimes huge optimistic foresight /interpretation.

Both an intuition and people-reading / chess like thought pattern which can be self fulfilling, but is more often not trusted as a skill. Seen as paranoia, the gut feeling followed up with evidence and the potential for a hidden plan

Like a pig on antibiotics, fitter, happier more productive

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