Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Okay, so what could I do tommorrow?

Say I became part of a consultancy with placements out into companies

what would I like to do?


have a stabalising job with promotion or a good salary. Perhaps somewhere cheaper than Oslo

OR- have a fast stepping stone job

(other alternatives are not in this context)

To come into an SME as marketing manager

To get into an incubator/investor / start up scenario ( inc. but not only tech transfer)

- share pay/options

OK- so this means working in incubators or investors ...or some international marketing

areas of work:

marketing, innkjøp , sales strategy/training, business analysis related to these, management consultancy, SME start ups...


Environmental, recruiting/training, analytical, INCUBATORS/SOFT&HARD INVESTORS & tech transfer, biotech, pharma (OTC as well) , new cutting edge media( mobil, palm), chemical, sports, tourism.

What projects could I do as a would be SYSlb consultant?

1) agency revue/turn around- get into an ad' or web agency and turn profitablilty and effectiveness around. get into a telesales /ad space sales and turn it into DM and web fulfillment. Advising on every part of the business and using different analytical tools to present arguements- basuicallyu, hiring, firing, tightening up suppliers/purchasing, internationalising purchasing, taking out 'time wasters', intorducing new forms of training,

2) marketing audit- cost effectiveness, organic growth/underlying growht, pareto analysis- lost customer/potential customer, market re-segmentation/psycholiogical and benefit segmentation

3) Sales effectiveness study- pricing analysis and strategy. Training in spin/ lead management / time management. Making sales support department- admin support by call in and hand written fax, appointment making, fulfillment/call back bookings, lead handling, account (and lead) mapping, web searches, e-mail reading, managing calls

4) Database quality - getting down to the real quality of any database of contacts: ageing, cleaingin, splitting into fields, de-duplicating. Planning 'student' phone cleans. Creating new work flows and admin/ persmission rights. Meta data and reportage of activity and 'behaviour' of people using them.

5) Investor due diligence?? Advising on true level of benefit and ideas of market size, players, cost of penetration per % share, share-of-voice, typical financials for competitors and new entries, margins etc

x) assertiveness in the work place.

y) purchasing of marketing effectiveness- SLA, cost, risk, price per item, effective measurement, tracking value for money, making bids comparable ( agency, IKT, web)

z) international price analysis- priec poit, product group, variance, harmonisation assessment, revenue impact of one Euro price, other cost recovery from price harmony

The theme here is that i act far more as

1) a consultant and 'senior level' interloper! potential to bunny hop the 'starter' in the door jobs and get up to the bigger money levels of 600k !

2) the question ask-er on the front foot!

This would train me to just ask the big questions, like the MBA arses do, and just use challenge management and pushing out hte comfort zone.

I think this is the good route to getting in the door. I would then plan to have a shorter prøve period and get my feet under the desk....whcih is another thing

Also I could consider

PURCHASING STRATEGY and channel / value chain stratgey- players in the market- supply chain-. supplier-risk analysis (STRisk). Risk of banjkruptcy, risk olfm monopolisation, . ABC split of suppliers. Cost analysis, JIT, stockholindg, site visit assesment , HSE. Buying out suppliers as an option. Price and cost drift/ageing. Cash flow..payment scheduling...SOPs for reprimand...contract management,

Web Marketing Strategy -- Web Project Management- need-benefit, user studies, web stats, navigation , web prescence- traffic , SEM, e-mail blasts, customer "permission marketing", database of customer/cookie behaviour etc etc measure exisiting, benchmark to competitors, best in industry, best on web...not to do.

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