Friday, February 22, 2008

Sales Route into Marketing?

Just to revisit this topic. It is a very well trodd path into marketing and other strategic management positions as a first step into a blue tooth. Often without the need for actual high sales achievements because an MBA and some smooching up to bosses gets you out of the ford mondeo.

You should be very careful who you choose to work for and who you sell to. They should be selling value added products which necessitates a meaty marketing department. If you want to go down the sales promo % off route then I guess a good discounter/ promo company is great.

Establishing a route into marketing is not necessary - actually, but it helps. The last person to talk to about this is of course your prospective SM. Keep it to personnel and any marketers you meet. Once in a while companies do willingly take people on a tour of duty in sales en route to higher things. Despite there being less graduates in some areas, there are a plenty as stated in the S&M area and others with a technical background alone who can get into the career via sales e.g. the whole food industry, biotech', motor industry, financial products etc.

If you are really impatient to work in marketing and you aren't interested in product management or becoming an S&M director then avoid sales. You are far better off doing some voluntary marketing at a charity or work placement and getting on the ladder through a marketing assistant position IF YOU ARE PREPARED to relocate or work for peanuts in scotland. Temping or considering a job as temp in this area is preferable because in sales you will really need to do 18 months before you can sell yourself into marketing outside the company. Internally, who knows, you may get contacted after a few months to apply or there may be a position for you at HQ.

Geographically you can ID those few sales and marketing operations in Scotland but be prepared to move and get a terratory near to te HQ of your prospective marketing department.

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