Wednesday, December 02, 2009

e-marketing is dead, long live ...iMarketing

Push marketing is in it's death throws - well,many would have you believe that. What is true is that "e-Marketing" is percieved as push, spam and no thank you mam

Now in 2010 it is set to be replaced by a simple change of vowel and dropping of that heavy hyphen - here cometh the prodigy


But how do you interact as a brand manager?

Well it is all about listening, thinking, and qaulifying before you say something!

So trad' marketing is dead? Snail marketing will push more and more people to either the internet or outlets to allow consumers to have an media-rich enhanced and most og
all, interactive buying experience.

Listening has new ears :

Firstly you want to define which social media you NEED to listen to and which are "nice to have's", or just use a supplier like Integrasco to be your ears.

Secondly blogg or when you do something "allow" people to post.

Thirdly allow for customers to voice openly and make suggestions for new products, services or improvements with a suggestions button on your website and your other nodes of social contact on the web.

Fourth and final for this bigger than a tweet blogg, put on a call-me-now button for your country restricted web sites at points where a sale is to be made or a problem can be solved. .................after all, don't forget people like to talk, vent off a little and negotiate with a human once in a while.

meanwhile don't be a facebook fool

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