Saturday, May 01, 2010

On the Road To Damascus

I met with a personnel consultant this week, who turned out to be a former priest.

He advised me to both jack myself down ( as they say here, by the chin) a lot , become modest and more honest maybe about how it has gone on the troubled road here: things haven't suited me., we have tried different places and jobs, I have been too "larry ;: was I too big" yes I was too big!

He told me about the town constables of the middel and pre renaissance period, around the black death here in Norway to make his point about

They would hold wathc outside the towns and at the gates with a spike adorned stave. WHen someone would have access to the town, they would always ask how things had been in the last place. If the arrival said, "yeas there was a lot of okay things and I got along but would like something new" then they would maybe let them in, When the person replied " oh, full of terrible people. It was no goo d for me and I am glad to be shot of the dump" The watcher would always reply " well my friend I am afraid to say it is just the same here and you would be better to move on to another place"

We know the road to damascus is a way upon which we come to some realisation, but really it is more a fundamental. What happens when you take that road is a major shift in the philospophy your life is run by.

According to the interweb, the Road to Damascus is the conversion of actually an arch enemy of one belief to another thought system. Saul, aka Paul of Jerusalem, was sent out by the Rabbis to persecute Christians in Damascus and return some for torture,test-trial and death in Jerusalem under Judiast law for blaspheming . All this by some charter with Arabia he should execute this persecution beyond the realms of Israel. However on the way, without any human interferance, Jesus spoke to him in a blinding light. Upon arrival in damascus he was healed for this blindness by perhaps christians and converted.

Hence the road is to travel out of the usual daily work or family life towards something new yet with the full faith of your previous convictions owning your soul. You expect to carry on in your ways, but the journey is turbulent and you are confronted by a forces which make you blind to your past and acceptant of the new philosophy you will live your life by.

I feel I have been on the road for six years now. God, four years should have been enough time to make it here to at least some semblemce of stability with jobs. But we are here due to chance and it is not for me. I get some small , wee life here while to my kids it is there WORLD.

IF this relates to anything in my career and maybe yours, then it is to maybe working in purcahsing instead of sales and marketing. Shopping is cooler than selling

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