Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mini Me

Well here it is actuall, the mini CV

As I have said in earlier bloggs on job hunting, a few tips and experiences shared, this is a great way of working around recruitment consultants and getting your details kept at hand.

A CV is a private document so the two page A4 is both physically and psychically cumbersome. People want to file in a safe place, or shred vis a vis, delete and clear from Outlooks waste basket!

Consultants have had CD rom mini calling cards for years, and freelancers portfolios on the same media and I dare say a few punters have had their CVs there.

But now you have a wallet sized drop off!

I'd not put as much on it as the guy in the image, just something like " Mike Hunt, MSc Marketing 2011-12 ( ie not student in so thick ink) : Expertise In: marketing, inorganic c hemistry, last employer ( project) : dee dee dum. Contact, skype, e-mail, linked in.

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