Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wes Anderson, Pixies and

Wes Anderson has kind of "snuck up " on the conservative trogladite critics. A couple of cookie films which in the US floated with Bill Murray. That should have been the clue for the sleeping moral minority: Anderson Co. had won over stars and funders to run with them.

Conservatives want something they understand: they don't like change, they are neophobic by the very name they adopt. Indie, in music or film, is a convenient label for them to try and talk down to the market about.

Well the market is a funny thing when it acts freely: when enterprise in holywood or motown takes a chance on somethign creative and hey well, the market is unpredictably positive. In films, Wes Anderson probably tested well in pre-screens which gave the green light to mainstreaming his wonderful films.

Indie is no longer indie when it signs up to the big labels. Conservative, neophobic forces are thank fully the laggards in the market and not the early majority.

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