Monday, January 09, 2012

Social Media Recycled

Hey heads up. Timeline is coming your way as fbm roll out the way it will look for us to be antisocially silent and glued to the screenc sorry tablet. Sorry it is like an iPod only Paddier.

Facebook rode the back of 'friends reunited' and did three things most all web sites failed to do: get the brand right, get the word of mouth viral spread and get the sales mechanism for advertising revenue. In timeline i see a lot of hat has come before in myspace and the early dynamic source web sites of a decade ago.

Twitter is often hailed as the unique glue of cybersociality. Micro blogg. Well you can trace abbrevviated coded messaging back to spies and the enigma machine if you need something electric.  Phone freaks, ac-net, newsgroups . . You name it. People have been tweeting in code forever.

I have been following the tech bursts on BBC world and Discovery. The latest touch screen lifestyle brought in a picosecond of fame for the makers. Blink and you will have missed it and that is the whole tactic. Cyberburps of regurgitated technology.

I find little new in much of this. Sure we all have the james bond techno miniaturem Gps comms info gadget in our pocket we dreamed of, but it was someones dream when Sean Connery had hair and an attitude.

Jobs got the iPad first to marketing, followed up within a year with the sucker punch slimline successor. How much better is it than the andoid and the forthcoming win 8 touch based tablets? Hardly ? Well it it will command a price premium long after android tablets are on a free with your new 4G LTE contract.

Jobs got not to the whole market first. He got to the self proclaimed style and opinion leaders. They made a point of whipping out the oversized iPhone most cyber consumer conspiciously. It met the technoyuppie cling ons needs : they have the business school attitude to lead, with the techiebabble to talk over the true technical geniii. Just like mr jobs did.

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