Friday, October 12, 2012

Claiming Back the Lost Ground for Social Democracy as a Current and Fervent Ideology

More on overhauling social democracy and democratic socialism.

The real core of appeal to voters was captured by in particular Thatcher. She could appeal to the family economy and life style of those married with 2.4 children. This is because there was an appeal there to be had. Democratic socialism, as practiced for many of the post war years by her own party, had as I decribed earlier, picked up so many bugs in executing it's ideals and allowed too much power to be centred in governance and trade unions.

Government controls, heavy beurocracy and distant democratic influence influenced enough of the collective "family life" voting sector that the left were by in large voted out.

Democratic socialists now stand to be in an ideal position to reclaim working family values.

The anarchic market economy and oligarchical oil powers have erroded so much of family life for ordinary working people that there is an opportunity to swing in and regain ground.

I am stopping short of pointing to the hyprocracy of the New Right on the one side exploding defence spending while on the  other paying increasingly large amounts of public money to the rich while allowing low wages and a temporary employment market  to be subsidised . This is the topic of many other analyses, essays and observations.

What the New Right have done is placed the average western family in jeopardy. They have reduced their job security, their access to education, their access to health services and most of all, their time spent at home with their families.

Job insecurity is a blunt weapon for management. In many large, successful corporates the concept for the skilled working class and middle class administration is virtually dead. Being able to be competitive in the west relies on skilled, motivated workers not fear of the next man in the line taking your day's pay.  High value employees as individuals or union / association lead bodies, can still negotiate better deals than unskilled labour. Unskilled or semi skilled labour cannot compete in western economies with the far east. Where they get employed is in the local service industries and privatised public services.

Now however, the bar is raised higher than the unskilled. The average skilled administration and managerial worker has for a long time been the new working class. Graduates with business, computing and some specialist technical or analytical skills abound and have become the new drudges. This generation is growing older, sprouting family and getting to realise that they are not going to get very much better off. Also they are worrying about keeping their jobs.

Here then we find the ground for the left wing to sweep in and establish a better deal in terms of working conditions relating to family life. The new right cannot go there, because they are in the pay of the owners. They cannot disappoint their paymasters with ideologically incorrect policies which enhance conditions for this mass of the modern western population.

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