Monday, May 19, 2014

The Modern Deadly Mortal Sins part I: Hectic Sloth

The human condition has often been said to have at its core that the gods endowed us with free choice, and the abundance to have leisure.

We have become slaves to a hectic sloth. A useless existence of serving some goal which in reality to mostly other higher up people's benefit or no real benefit at all. Then we have our own leisure becoming a tread mill of social media, taxi driving the kids, trying to get as fit as we were 20 years ago, speed dating, speed marriaging, island hopping....all is a desperate desire to do something which appears to add some value to our lives, to be toward some poorly defined result or to merely feel we are occupied to a capacity which is fulfilling some need to be on a road to success in our societies.

Now we in the western world have instead of leisure time, we have presenteeism: being conspicously at work, convincing others and not least ourselves that we are doing something valuable. Some rise through to be bosses, others become bigger farts in politics, a few realise their folly and work building up their own companies or social enterprises.

Most get hobbies and kids and say damn it and lever their experience into some level of responsibility above the drones, like me, and do consulting and so on.

However our qaulity-time is eaten into by other time wasting activities and the inability to relax. Yeah, get a little bored once in a while it's good for you like the rest days and sleep for sports.

We are as an animal locked into OCD deluxe. This is because we are creatures who are habitual: we had to survive by taking some risk, but sticking to what worked and getting the days tasks done, the seasons harvesting and preparation complete and our territory safe from predators and other tribes. Agriculture worked as the first industry because we were already evolved to conform, to repeat, to learn from the leader and to accept mundanity. 

Our modern lives leave us with a kind of meta-survival where we could all be far more productive on the one hand , while on the other hand we could spend more of that quality time, keeping fit, being involved in politics, with the kids, with the olds, teaching our skills and sports to others.

We are instead locked into obsessive compulsive behaviour. Days of being busy while acheiving little more than a white noise for most of the day.

In all this ocd, there is an avoidance or a myopia to what could be imoportant to achieve for ourselves, our families, our community and the world of nature and mankind.

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