Thursday, July 05, 2007

I really have to take a wee thinky over what the heck I do with my next 20-28 years gainful employment and economic activity!

When it comes down to it I have nearly always had issues with people i worked with. It's the jobs outside marketing which were actually to a better working place- dales, balfours, Ian McKewens.

Marketing types and me just don't really get on ...the arrogant smart aleks who have blazed a sales trophy or built a mini empire just find me ...well objectionable. Also I have put up with some lunatic bosses...

Other half says I Take up too much space...psychic and air time. From my point of view I have never had a lot of authority to get stuff done and easily loose ownership to a dominering boss..motivaton wavers.

Can my sailing skills really transfer?...

I don't run a very good boat myself, mainly because of the time constraints and money issues which are largely self imposed. There is no real reason I couldn't have got a better tasar or spent time on the most recent lån båt. I like to get on board a clean boat with a good crew and a great helm and get on with my jobs. Not the bloody Aasmund wannabees. A been there and done it like Ketil.

I probably have too high an expectation of myself and actually too low a performance in marketing. I mean I don't get bought by enough people and I am open to criticism too much. People give a damn, it is visible and high profile and my behaviour patterns are not welcomed. Mostly they are caused by the whole kind of competitive environment. Also it is a career narcotic environment...people who love their jobbies...ok I'll say it, career bitches in their late twenties/early thirties working too hard and grabbing little brownie point projects. Sucking up to the bosses and sucking at the customer end.

..And then there is the science masonery who don't like condescending to talk to non PhD level mortals. Always big issues. I mean some really good types and lots of Beate Sterns, Kim Kaisers and Roger Sutcliffes.

Thing in common? they put job in front of life...or it is their life and they don't like space takers like me apparently.

So what about the other side of the fence? procurement- come to me instead of constant wondering if you get the deal or not. I guess there will be far less career's a steady job, no super duper presentations to do the night before iVGN paisly it reeked of nine to fivers, doing the minimal apart from Miss Briggs.

I'd have to weigh up a lot of issues but I think it is not moving anywhere with Bio and if it does happen it will, by centre of gravity, be oschloo.

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