Thursday, June 28, 2007

If I could go back to .....

All this writing advice to students of today brought me of course to pose the question- what would I do differently if I could go back?

Firstly back as me now? Not a fair thing to do. Better back as an angel on his shoulder and the odd letter from a long lost explorer uncle.

Start again today? well maybe I would have risen better to the financial challenges and take it all more seriously...but let's "do" way back then...

So what magical influence would I make on the 1986-1996 me??

Maybe more sublte than I can actually believe. Choice of study wise, no real issue. I would go back to Glasgow Uni and do it all again. I would try and take thrid year more seriously and also push back against bad teaching- go see B.A. Knights about my project in final year..but hey.

post grad I think I would want to advise Mr. M to do a Phd- a shitty high speed one, but all the shit I have to put up with now from 'scientists' would be put down a fair bit. But in reality I would go back to strathclyde Uni again, having worked in medical sales in Aberdeen and with a Kiwi girl friend in tow....

Jopb wise I would have worked more--- become a quite 'wealthy' student and afforded myself decent clothes, contact lenses and holidays. I would learn to take cash flow a bit more seriously and as a challenge to meet.

Women...the big one. it's a big ask. Be mroe aware I am attractive to really quite beatuiful girsl and be confident about them when they show 'signals'. Set much more of a price on friendships and networking through girls. Still had all the ones I did anyway, but go after more quality and ok some more quantity. The two large ones I mention in the other bloggspot. Taste them at least. And make a few more drubken passes for fun...

With freinds in general I would set more of a price on their freindship while taking it less subjectively. Walk away from Kenny a lot more and argue with the prick. Follow up other friends like richie ect more and as mentioned have more freindshps with girsl witout any focus on maybe sinking it into them! Not worry about not fitting in with trendies while just working around them and bad mouthing the priks. A bit more "ronan" from QM Ents committee!

My one biggest regret was loosing the wee network I had and never keeping in touch with them. Aberdeen prove a lonely planet, and helensburgh a pish poor place.

career wise later on, I would steer Mr M at 25 to move south and work in something interesting in the home counties or as I did later at 28, manchester. The two year career maker should have happened then and I should have been much more confident today than I am. Also of course look for better jobs WHILE IN a job. I would have been wise in terms of money and be womning a part of a business by the age of say 33.

Debt wise I would not worry so much about the first debts but from Uni 2nd time I woudl have got temportary work. First time around I would have not moved out of glasgow home to H'boro. That , twice, was my biggest mistake.

Women again...well i would have taken Esther Pappworth up the wrong'un and tried it on with her two mates. Totally immoral but she was a big 18 month waste of time. I should have realised there were more options out there, and got out a little more as it then set me back when I was in work again. I'd try it on with that bit from marblehead and sealed the deal with wee marg- spreads easily. Not forgettting sharon- she would have got it several times in 'romantic' " we can't do this" themes. Ah, but then again I could have been married to her or one of the "big two"....

I'd learn to be more assertive and less chatty. Learn to work around assholes like archie and barry and Fabeinne. In fact i would focus in on standin g up for my rights and on my own motivations-.

motivation! yes I think for me it is kind of a snowball ---once rolling it is good like 4th year Uni and medical sales.

I seemed to loose the plot a bit around 1994-5. which would have been helped by moving south

sprots wise- sailign a lot earølier, more kempo, less cyceling and much more gymn work when young to impress the gasl and be strong for sailing.

well that's nuff for noo

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