Monday, September 01, 2008

Getting the flat tidied out and washed must have been the biggest anticlimax in my life.

From the monday night through saturday 1pm I must have doen 16 hour days to get it done, and all this after 22 hour stint on sunday with the van.

The main problem was just the confusion and the unknown. Eventually I plnned my work and worked my plan. It didn' get too scary until about midnight friday. Then I was knackered and needing coffee and pizza and beers. I managed to get the hall and the bog done, just leaving the kitchen and the balcony along with the final once over the thoroughfayres.

The main stress point was the stuff to chuck. Eventually like a lull in the gale, and after failures with various attempts to rid me of cooker, desks and chairs, I got Nikolai to help me up the stairs and then arne and me took the stuff away. Fretex refused it, but as if the sun had now come out after the storm, the recycling dump was almost void of people because it was shuttign on the 30th not for the 30th.

Arne was lured by further cash payment and so came to do the balcony. Proff job while I stressed over te kitchen and even final 'sergeant majors' on the bathroom and windows.

Done and almost dusted so Arrived the owner with daughters on a lovely dry sunny day, perfect for moving. She was veryt pleased with the cleaning. With the car stuffed for the tour I just had to take off down the road....

the sense of anticlimax was enourmous. As if I ran a marathon to discover the finish line had been cancelled due to lack of interest.

So the new life and family focus came upon me with the amazing Risør energy. Fills the soul with peace.

That is where life should be now.

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