Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well the wee man cam to the world of light and wonder almost exactly a week ago.

18:53 on the 14th. With a fairly sunny evening underway in arndl maternity wards.

The birth was only remakrable by it's speed. Waters had gone on the wee hours of friday 2.30 about. Thereafter it was clearly needing to happen within three days. We hoped for a voiding the terrible 13th and did so. They told us to come in early sunday, we obliged and they stripped and induced at 12 ish. Everything came in motion quite literally after that where 2cm as soon opend to 4 then 8 then 10 and out. We had nice, matter of fact and caring jordmor this time. I got to sit with him a long time looking at him with the eyes of an exoperienced 40 year old father! Maturity. A little distance and understanding for him being just a wee flekk right now with only routine and the usual things to avert or pander to his crying.

This time was more of a regular daddy visit than with evamo. Then we had our own wee womb of hospital for several days with the smell of new baby with me 24 hours. Now big sister is of an age to be just out of all things baby- she walks most places now and we are only giving her dummy as a kind of tuller thing. So it's a good distance between births to walk.

Big sis' needed quite a lot of time but was good as gold in the car helped along byt casper og jesper og jonotan. In total we did a trip thursday, friday saturday then in for the birth and then back again tuesday and finally home quite early on wednesday. I was sick of the road but to add a sting in the tail an accident in fortn of us made for a long way round along the horrid twisty coast road in the car we had loaned.

So felix came home in the end in the rather cramped three up back seat of a citroen zsara we had loaned amd saw the back end of Tvedstrand and a fair few corners in the 410 before coming down the swings to our new found home town.

Arendal actually is very tempting- a feel of life about it with boat commuting seemingly populatr across the Tomøy sound. Our wander lust again. The grass does seem greener when you are helt new to a place.

Nayway this is the wee man blogg, so we are on the way home and there is an accient...yep. we got home and I am on a camp bed in the south land house with it's chamring ans certainly not king size built in box beds. The wee man likes feeding at night, maybe a primeval instinct. mum hunts and gathers in daylight, he reaps the profits in milk dividends at night-

He is both quite simialr to his sister and different. Temperament is quiter but grumpy as heck when he is hungry...hmm womnder where he gets that from. He can almost hold up his own head as well. lovely new born smell of soap and warm skin perisists though as does the endless orang bæsj.

we are home and all is in it's place. His wee bed and day cot. The stella table and the patented nappy bin. The wee glimpses of personality and the peaceful sleeping outwieighing any actual crying.

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