Friday, November 20, 2009

Job offer

Well what does happen when you get a job offer which you can be cynical about?

How many times have I heard " we are a small company, and we must think of what our current coworkers earn" in the same breath with " good potential to progress quickly" ??

I feel very much like back in Stockport in november - december 1996. Then I managed to squeeze out 3 k more, but even that was selling myself cheap without a company car in the deal.

Even at h-lab I was cheaper than I needed to be and got no offer or leverage for a raise after 6 months.

They are even getting an employment grant.

So I sell myself down the road to long travelling on public transport. I have a feel-bad factor. I feel the same as when I moved to dynabeeeds! Hope is not a strategy, so hoping to get sales of this together and hoping to get opportunities...I think he is an honest guy but that is why vagueness is disinginous if the wind changes.

I get to do analyses, and that is it so far.


1. over riding is that I could do this on my own. I can either work from home eventually or I can start up on my own, or get a better job
- 2. there in I get to learn a new area and review my skills in use of internett

3. I get to know a lot of jargon and ideas

4. I get to have sales leads

5. If I get a sale or a lead quickly converts then I get to ask for 450 000

6. I get to move onto more money 450 000 plus car if I can

7. i get to develop the directions I want to go in.

8. Maybe most of all, I make myself far more salesworthy a prospect when applying for jobs, and I can negotiate upover with wages as the key lever.

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