Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Drags on and on...

It seems like this organisation here is just a little helvete for the time being.

There is nothing too clear to chase after and only competitors and not cooperators for me.

Days were becoming a bit of a carbon copy so today I bought a city bike card and looked for jeans "down town" ...horrid shopping malls....asylum seekers wasting their money in african themed cafes...romanian beggars.

The ony good advice I've had so far is:

1) that networking is the way forward and a focus must be added to that.

2) Also to go with this a personal branding is important and just giving a little interest in the other person and their circle...the step one away is often the one which pays. The elevator pitch with the key two scentences is to be included in all communications

3) there ain't a lot of demand for what I have to sell. Even ford kennedy and schebbie had to move south apparently- so you have to be mobile if you are a specialist.

So what is my key two scentences? My MMO ? My own brand foot print?

Well it also has to be adaptive. I need to work the recruitings byrÄ with a slightly more KAM / marketing and also maybe some interesting companies on the B2B front for at least an "In"

this is where competanse kartlegging comes in I suppose- to pick out several potential spiss points and to then focus a couple of target messages to the market segments.

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