Monday, October 29, 2007

SO what have I learnt so far hos syslobb?

Firstly a very wise bit of advice. In an audience, as in life, seek out friends.

All my life I have been trying to tackle bullies. They love the oppmerksomhet they get. So now it's time to ignore the bullies, as if they weren't there. Also I have noticed in myself that I am much more interested in the shy person than the obvious communicator. I look for signs of openness and common interest and realise that to them I can be a sounding board and an ally in their audience! I set a price no won working with shyer folk and avoiding the more obvious extraverts.- easy come, easy go.

Secondly and most related, try, try, try to listen to your own voice. People are terrible listeners. Also they are terrible cynics mot folk like me. I need to be more of a politician...have a ready answer which is not an answer, just a statement ...or be the salesman, fight back with three open questions So it's high time to keep on with what I am interested in, where I am going, and what I want to say which brings me to...

Three three: have a message. Have a personal brand. Think what this is. Think how appearance, tone, body lanuguage contirbute to this and then think what you want to say. Think of both a strategy and a tactic and take any decisions off line when they affect you. Know where you stand with people and if you don't be careful. ....

four...coming right up from that last point. Sound people out. Are they with you or against you ? which brings me full circle back to choose friends.

A key issue for me is that I must, must offer an opinion and I am not ready when it is actually a pretty poorly thought out one or open to attack. Think of Jack andreassen..a man with seemingly no opinions. A typical norwegian who just plays his cards very close to his chest and goes with the flow. When he means something he asks a couple of questions before maybe offering a solutions.

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