Monday, October 08, 2007

Sooo I took my action to take action and got myself on the course pisslib.

great...we give some lectures and then you do the rest and keep it perpetuating for us at the same time...pretty nice to slip a lot of the sales side in a small business

But it has a very, very high success rate based on the use of the sys concept sell to actually do self- networking .... so out we pop on the streets with the idea and the 'in'. Luckily it works in both types of labour market, but being 'bull market' for we seekers then it is still good to get around the mass of applications from wage-players, dream job upgraders and grass-is-greener chancers.....

Problem now is that we have a surplus of worn out old marketers and the guys my age are all kind of whacky alternative lifestyles in shoes, shops etc ...that is to say no one is a helper and most are a hindrance...and vice versa

The fine arse (with some bum cleavage showing the top of two fine, big buns and boobs to match) which just walked in to hassle me is just an example...people here express opinions and talk about that which seems a little more than 'talk about the weather' but in fact it is just that really

Ossholites are very judgemental and gang is enough...people never really ask after me or the like...they give opiniions and cut me off and talk about something else....I just don't fit and any case most of them aren't lookign for anything and are a bit injured and lame

I feel so excluded as to really consider not continuing but I need the practical / physical prodcess as the kick in the ass catlyst to my next step.

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