Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For the University of Strathclyde, once great public empire of a 'fylke" - student of marketing MSC or generous today, BSC

>Okay, how about a quick tour of summary of what you should do with your career.

Make a goal. Understand the steps.

Get a job, mayeb any old marketing assistant job ANYWHere you can wherein you are guaranteed some relevant experience and a sale-ablke job title.

Then get a better JOB!

Alternatively you may want to go through sales which is fine and you should be looking to either get into HQ or change companies within 18 months. It may take shorter or longer. Network into the marketing department well, hide you MSc, and if you get looked over for a job there, threaten personnel to leave

Now stick out your CAREER MAKING JOB for between two and four years. Be quick to recognise if the job isn't this. Negotiate into your job the projects and responsibilities you know take you forward and challenge you enough. Avoid gettingn monkeys on youyr back. Get many projects under your belt and show any success from these. Hopefully there will be room for promotion and you should be stroppy if they are going to recruit from outside above you.

Now either thrive in the next level of job, move back to Scotland or whatever.

For people-management experience, GO UGLY EARLY . Find an unglamerous company who need a marketing manager with at least three "direct reports" ie. underlings.

Learn to handle sales maangers. Perhaps work a while as a sales manager if you get the chance or in a smaller company where you are sales and marketing manager / director.

Then get into something new , early. Maybe in an enterprise company or as an adviser to Venture Captial or the like. Get into a new, well funded venture early or just a great idea!

This latter point is a good idea from the word go actually. Or forming your own company.

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