Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Take the MOSCOW approach to it then dampers...

next job move I mean to say.

Must Have, Should Have...could be nice...and would have it it did have should have...



flexitime and time in lieu for weekends
People with a better sense of humour than this and IVGN jobs.
a large marketing content ..classically with both comms and research, and product management
some strategic input
some travel internationally

Very little cold-calling

Pay relative to buying a house.

EITHER - a good high level, a good career move OR chance for advancement / a big step towards goals in ownership/growth following

(Within this year- ) within easy reach of public transport
a reasonable office environment or a groovy location

EYE candy!!! either in office or building

A boss who cuts me loose

A good defined ansvarsområdet

Should have:

little if any selling or cold sales

People management
Supplier Management
Licensing / patenting / partner agreements

An expandable ansvarsområdet

Someone to put monkeys off my back

training for sales

Products and services

COULD have

a bit more sales as well as marketing
a move to a new area / vestland
some other responsibilities eg NPI, patenting, supplier management

training in new responsibilities eg innkjøp


IF underlings, chance to hire/fire and eye candy potential
IF sales, fully spared out time from all travel outside 8-5.
IF sales > 25% a car, or a bloody car anyway
IF advancement potential a clear route to shares

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