Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Working Day

I can barely imagine a less glamerous place to work. I suppose Mblhead up in milngavie was a less sulubrious locale, but it had some eye candy (serious!) and also was near to woods etc. This set up fixes my commuting problem here and is fine all round.

Workplace environment and cow-orkers are seemingly "also ran" 's in the job decision process. Location, pay and 'new challenges' are first in the list, but for me it was often what the heck I could actually get. A combination of what fell in my lap and some quality letters fixed me up in the delusion of career I had.

It seems when the boot is on the other foot it is more what a candidate DOESN'T stand out for and what they are NOT which gets them selected. Candidates are usually qualified and screened. Most could do the job and if they turn up on time, then they can at least play-act that they are highly motivated. So it goes to the person with the least problems, or as a boss, that is tightly knitted to picking the puppies...the bird with the biggest tits gets the job.

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