Tuesday, November 18, 2008

condensed bullet points for short talk

  • positives in the recession- less experienced people in work seeking jobs; Risk Aversion
  • USP - Your own unique selling point - for that company !
  • MMO - Motivation is king , opportunity is in your favour
  • Go South
  • Open Applications - Quality, and get on the phone
  • Networking- market research and getting your face known in marketing depts.
  • Have a personal visiting card or make an MSc course card!
  • Go direct to the Decision makers
  • Use the career office for interview technique and preparation
  • 5 interviews to get on your career path - the first rung
  • With knock back for jobs or ANY delay of more than say five workign days it is VITAL to GET FEEDBACK on anything you could improve on in application and interview.
  • You don't need to stick a job a whole year if it is off track or just a foot in the door
  • Be demanding in what you want to do when offering your time free through work placement, LEC graduate schemes or just voluntary marketing for charities- get onto some juicy experience. Work shadowing is more productive than photocopying or tele "marketing".
  • Bend a sales job in an SME into a marketing job.
  • Get a sales job located near the HQ of the company
Tasks or Projects

  1. make a class business card and buy the print
  2. make a class flyer or web site- build the brand
  3. Locate all the marketing departments you can in Scotland and say Bristol or somewhere a bit nice to live. DO the same for all the agencies- ad agencies, internet, PR etc etc.As a class, phone them all ! get the key decision makers and find out if they are expanding or just possibly recruiting soon.
  4. Locate any recruitment consultants who actually help graduates into their first job or decent temporary work
  5. Find out about work placement schemes with the LECs, the uni here
  6. FInd as many local potential places to work as you can near where you live or may live back with your parents!

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