Saturday, November 22, 2008

Talkin about this genn er ashun.....

Todays spoilt audi estate , Sports pack full turbo, generasjon is spoilt and credited to heck. Good times will but only that house you gotta stretch to.....take that extra credit card.,...our house will go up 30 percent ad infinitum....

In other words, there is a whole generation which has not been “adversity tested”.

Robbins says that to cope with the current level of change on a personal level, and to help us stay focussed on opportunity rather than fear of loss we should train ourselves emotionally – to build our “emotional fitness”. He states that we all have emotional patterns, or habits which will play out at times of great stress – angry people will get angry, fearful people will become even more fearful and so on.

So his strategy is firstly to identify what our habitual emotional patterns are, and then to consciously condition the emotions which are more helpful to us in terms of our response to crisis (for example, creativity or determination).

Robbins also encourages us to look outwards rather than inwards – to find a way to get outside of ourselves and realise that no matter how hard things are, there is always someone who has it harder. As he says, “If you help someone else, it changes you too.”

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