Thursday, October 13, 2005

the tracks that crossed

part 2

Can it be that a few bad choices of friendship and allegiance can scar a person for life ?

No one will know unless you start stabbing your family. Prozac duly dished out to those who will accept that this is treatment. Catharcis? Cause avoidance, too much public money. Self help group then? Confess with your face? Blush? Eat all pride until you are sick. Face the power of the group and the helm taking it in some form of positive retning.

Knowing when to get out. This is a parents thing true? Kids are so committing. Junkies to the anarchic fun they found. Sheep to the leader kids who end up in the chair discussing their neglect as a 4 year old for a hundred quid an hour, 5 mins start and tea. So the bullies cry and the bullied or easily lead fall back into accepting all the little 'fates' which are actually 'fait a complis' dished out by the new bullies in the work place. It pays to play politics.

Can a couple of bad choices mean a life scentence of never making your own mark and then flagrantly rejecting praise from other people when it comes?

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