Friday, June 01, 2007

how the fck am I going to get a job then?

ok you know the 'invader' immigrant issues: you know that you have a sketchy career path but a lot of experience to offer.

first- you are going to do your spamming out to the biotech industry and you are going to follow this up with more spam, different contacts and paper mailing until you start to get replies. Then you are going to network.

In the mean time you will find jobs just for the sake of it and phone up to ask for details. Then for real jobs you will do the same for each and every one which is interesting and you will invent three or four good general questions and have a list of questions. You will leave your name and say they will have a specific application in the next few days.

After a bit of practice you will then target, in the run of june, some of the key biotech contacts and call them up

just got an interview with statoil!!!!!!!!

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