Thursday, June 28, 2007

Whispering Blogg Revisited

Whispering and all these things I describe earlier come bloody near natural to some. It's just an obvious conscious and sub consious path of decisions to get themselves laid! They tend to be generally quite successful types who cruise though much of life...but you see they have a deep rooted motivation to achieve - they set a price on goals and can put a line of small things to achieve towards that goal. They also have a deep seated belief they can achieve what they set out to/feel they want to and are not too fussed when they fall short- the have already another thing to cccupy them!

you and me dear reader, ont he other hand, are a bit clumsy. Probably an overly testorone male. We just blunder on in their with a body languiage and ettiquette like a bricky ...

As i said in the last post, a good deal of all this is really about taming the yourself change in the process. You whisper your own behaviour down to a level which is socailly very fluid in the eyes of women. And it will arm you for mature relationships throughout your life with women.

Armed with all this now, I would of course pull a bit more often and mabe have gone out with the gorgeous one who we once talked to on the train to Martin Stevenson and the Dainty's and who looked at me speaking to kevin with 'oh you are a nice man I would like" ...the tall lankey beatufil medical student...a few others. But in general I kind of lerant empircally and offer this up to you at an age where it doesn't matter to me any more!!!

On the theme of their sexuality...women around the age of 19 to 22 are deeply sexual ...they are really mature enough to cope with their inhibitions and emotions and explore a little more than the fumbling or unsatisfactory attempts in ther mid teens. In the point of darkness, when the man goes in for the pull from the floor and the kill in the bed, this is actually a deeply erotic yet very romantic point for her too. Often they will just get carried away with the rush of it a man has a responsibility to push himself er, in there and take charge...but only when the signs are right and contraception and concent are at hand.

If I knew how deeply desirous and strange a womans sexuality is at this point then you can bet I would have enjoyed myself a lot more. It can remain a kind of 'lost in the river's flow' or each one is a near subconsious fantasy with a theme like a moroccon hareem or a mali beach in their heads. Although guys, especially au chien, will think of others actively, woman may refer to an idealist vision and feeling about this being with the best man in the just being an actor in their greater scene.

But the older me? If I went back as me but in a young me capsule then I would just be looking to snag the best I could who was really interesting and I enjoyed being with. I would snowball my way much more and maintain lucrative networks, whispring my way in to both the ideal potentials and the quickies!! But I would be looking for a partner who could become a life ling friend and confident out of it all...and yes it would be either the shy, tall, beautiful nmedical student or the girl fromt he train!!!

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